Tehnofor Star	 Drilling Services
SC Tehnofor Star SRL 337193, Hondol No. 239, Hunedoara County, Romania +40723370459
Tehnofor Star is committed to providing its customers with premium equipment and a professional, well trained work force. The top priority of the company is to deliver a reliable and consistent drilling operation, while maintaining safety and efficiency. We are committed to delivering consistent and dependable results for each of our clients, while protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of everyone involved in our operations. Our team works closely with with our clients, providing information  on changing ground conditions and are flexible to rapidly adapt to changes in the drilling programs. Services - Deep exploration core drilling reaching depths of over 2000 meters; - Directional core drilling utilizing Navi-motors (DHM), casing and retrievable wedges; - Reverse circulation (RC) drilling; - Geotechnical drilling; - Hydro-geological drilling; - Metallurgical sampling; - Mud rotary drilling. Additional services - Downhole surveys - single shot, multi shot and orientation surveys; - Gyro surveys; - Digital core orientation; - Rig alignment.